Monday-Friday  8:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m.

Appointments can be scheduled by emailing

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If your student is currently enrolled full time in a Pittsfield Public School, no registration is required.

First days for 2024-25 :

Aug. 29: Gr. 1-12

Sept. 3: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Last day for Intradistrict Transfer requests - July 15

If your family does not speak English and requires translation services, we ask that they email so we can coordinate for an interpreter to be there.

Click here for Kindergarten registration

To register a new student for the Pittsfield Public Schools district please follow the step by step instructions below. A valid email address will be required to continue.

Please gather the following six documents to prepare for the Registration Process:

  1. Valid PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN Photo ID: State-issued ID Driver's license or Passport

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Immunizations

  4. Last physical exam record

  5. Proof of Occupancy: Utility Bill (Items should be within the past 30 days WITH the service address): Oil/Gas/Electric/Cable/Landline 

  6. Proof Of Residence  (1 Document from below required): Copy of Deed/Lease Agreement, Most Recent Mortgage/Rental Statement (within 60 days, Letter/Legal Affidavit dated and signed by landlord confirming tenancy, identifying all occupants and record of most recent rent payment, Section 8 Agreement

The following documents are not required by all students.

  • Middle and High School Students: the student’s transcript and most recent grades.
  • Students with an IEP / 504 Plan: a copy of the student’s Individual Education or 504 Plan.

If your household doesn't have access to a computer or smartphone, PPS can provide access to the technology needed to register your child. Please call the following number to schedule an appointment. 413-499-9507