Facilitative Leadership Project

Project Teams 2014-2015 School Year

Cultural Competence & Inclusion Council (formerly the Diversity Team)

Team Positive Work Environment

 Jeanne Nailos  Sue Dapson
 Angela Johansen  Gigi Hawkins
 Barbara Goodrich-Mancari   Howie Marshall
 Linda Whitacre  Lynn Helde
 Mary Yarmosky  Patrice Lattrell
 Kim Robertson    Michelle Cady
 Marie Richardson   Bonnie Smith
 Ana Larkin  Anne-Mary Riello

2014 Teams

Project Teams 2013-2014 School Year

Team Diversity

Team Positive Work Environment

 Tammy Gage  Debra Belland
 Barbara Goodrich-Mancari                 Sue Dapson
 Angela Johansen  Gigi Hawkins
 Tina Kirby  Lynn Helde
 Joe Maffuccio  Patrice Lattrell
 Jeanne Nailos  Howie Marshall
 Kristen Palatt  
 Kim Robertson  
 Linda Whitacre   
 Mary Yarmosky  


Project Team 1



project team 2

District Improvement Plan 2013-2016

Domain VII: Organizational Culture


To create a positive work environment in a self-reflective and self-renewing organization. This will include professional development and training, recruitment and retention of high-quality employees, and further developing work environments and relationships that promote employee well-being, job satisfaction, and positive morale.

To recruit and hire educators of all levels who better mirror the rich diversity that present and thriving in the City of Pittsfield so that all students see, hear, and recognize professional educators that reflect them, and represent the excellence that all of our students will aspire toward.

A Program of Facilitative Leadership for Pittsfield Public Schools Participants

Shared Leadership

  • Leadership is the professional work of everyone in the school.
  • Linking leadership and learning: we are all responsible for student learning, for our own learning, and the learning of our colleagues.
  • Learning and leading are linked in the school community.
  • Everyone has the ability, right, and responsibility to be a leader.
  • Educators wish to develop and be professionals. Leadership is an essential aspect of being an educator.
  • Educators and policy makers all want to produce sustainable school improvement. The development of leadership capacity provides that framework.
  • "Shared Leadership" is the goal. "Facilitative Leadership" is the means to achieve that goal.

Facilitative Leadership

  • Leadership in schools is complex and interdependent. Leaders not only control resources; they facilitate and involve others in the process of change and continuous improvement.
  • The challenge of leadership involves every one of us. We all have the responsibility for the success of our students' learning.
  • Developing leadership capability requires self-awareness, skills development, and personal commitment.

Facilitative Leadership is organized around seven practices (repeated action/behavior that leads to proficiency). For each practice of Facilitative Leadership, we will focus on awareness-building and skill development to be used in everyday work situations.


  • Reach a broader awareness of yourself as a leader—your behavior, mind-set, aspirations.
  • Use Leadership skills and tools to tap the creativity and experience of those you work with.
  • Develop a vision of the impact you want to have as a leader, and an action plan for improving the learning environment of the school.
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